Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drug Chart for Caregivers, Doctors and Helpers

As my Mom's illness progressed, more and more drugs came into our lives.   I started to get an education in medicine I never wanted.   Over and over again I had to tell each new doctor which meds she was on currently and which ones she had been taking.   My Mom tried to keep the drugs straight and take the right ones at the right time but her health was compromised and sometimes her judgment so it was difficult for her.  To further complicate things, many neighbors and friends were helping care for her and they were not familiar with the various drugs and when they should be taken.

I eventually came up with this Excel spreadsheet to help me track them.   I printed one off each time we visited a doctor and handed it to them when we arrived.  I provided a date at the top so there was no confusion about which version was the most up to date.  I also put a copy under her meds in her bedroom so as caregivers came in they knew the most current information.

Doctors loved it.  Don't assume they know exactly what your loved one is taking.   At some point there will be multiple doctors involved and each are prescribing different items.  Its important your loved one have a primary caregiver who is the central point of information and this chart helped me immensely. By the way, the link is to the last updated chart before her death so it may give you a good idea of potential drugs your loved one may be taking if they have pancreatic cancer. The one shown below is a version modified to fit the space of this blog. Medications that are bold are ones she was taking currently.

Link to Spreadsheet with actual drugs she was taking and a second tab with schedule

MedicationdosageWhat to TakeWhat it is ForWhen
lidoderm patch5%pain patchas needed12 hours on, 12 hours off
advil200 mgpain1-2 tabletsas needed
oxycodone5 mgpain1 tabletas needed every 3-6 hours
Coumadin/ warfarin1 mgblood thinner3 tablet dailydinner
levothyroxine/ synthroid112 mcg/175 mcgthryroid1 x per daymorning
omeprazole dr20mgacid pill1 per daymorning
metoprolol25 mgirregular heart beat1/2   per daymorning
miralaxsingle doselaxative1   dosemorning
lasix20 mgdiureticevery   other daymorning
senokotstool softener2   x daymorning/night
pancrelipase5000 usp unitsdigestion1   with each meal
zofran/ ondansetron4 mg1st nausea1   tabletas   needed
glucophage500 mg1   tablet twic daily

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